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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FOCUSfactor help to improve my memory?

FOCUSfactor contains a powerful blend of nutrients your brain needs. When your brain is getting everything it needs to perform at its peak, you feel sharper and your memory actually improves. In fact, FOCUSfactor packs so many nutrients that it can replace your daily multi-vitamin.

Is FOCUSfactor a drug?

FOCUSfactor is not a drug, it is a nutritional supplement that provides nutrients that support brain health and improve your memory, concentration, and focus.

How do I know FOCUSfactor works?

In a study designed by a leading expert in the field, FOCUSfactor was scientifically shown to improve memory, focus, and concentration in adults. This was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted using recognized scientific and regulatory protocols. In at least one part of this widely documented study, participants taking FOCUSfactor improved their verbal learning and short-term memory by almost 44%!

Do I need a prescription for FOCUSfactor?

No. FOCUSfactor is available without a prescription.

Is FOCUSfactor safe to use?

Yes! FOCUSfactor is safe to use – with FOCUSfactor, you are simply providing nutrients to the most important part of your brain in increased amounts.

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FOCUSfactor Order Now