Tips to Train Both Sides of Your Brain

Tips to Train Both Sides of Your Brain

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The brain is so complex, that it needed to be split into two equal parts called hemispheres. Each side has been tasked to function in varying life situations. Although there is a dominant part in an individual, it will help a lot if you are acquainted with different training activities that can help balance brain processes.

The Left Hemisphere

Your left hemisphere is responsible for filing information in a systematic and orderly manner. It undergoes step by step analysis based on factual and logical details so as to arrive at a more rational and definitive solution for any given complexity and conflict. This portion of your brain helps you face life in a positive note rooted on the authentic realities of everyday living. Moreover, it is mathematically inclined and verbally oriented.

The left hemisphere can be honed by focusing on activities that can sharpen your problem-solving capacities. The simplest way to achieve this is by bombarding yourself with puzzles and crosswords. If you intend to reach a higher level of left brain enhancement there are various experiments on the table.

Choose a subjective topic that traces its roots on the creative side of arts and music. Rev the reasoning engines in your brain and control yourself to speak calmly without presenting too much emotion. Tap on your logical and rational side in order to produce a detailed dissection of your chosen topic. Do this religiously and you’ll be surprised at how much improvement you can attain.

If you’re not up for a verbal examination, try painting, but don’t just “follow your muse” the way you would if you painting from the right hemisphere. Call on the services of the left brain to hinder your emotions from intervening. Use math basics and plot your layout into quadrants. Plan the strokes and analyze color synthesis and relationships.

The Right Hemisphere

The right part of your brain houses the subjective artist and the intuitive entity in you. It triggers visual processes that allow you to see beyond the actual image at hand. With your innate ability to mix and match varying forms of ideas as a right-brained person, you are able to establish a big picture which is commonly neglected by your lefty counterpart.

Mastery of the right hemisphere can be obtained by engaging in games that challenge your brain to go through loops of tasks at a single moment. You should be able to think out of the box in order to arrive at answers and succeed. By constantly exposing yourself with such activities, you will have increased levels of intuition, memory, concentration, and creativity.

There are other means of exercising the right area of your brain, such as occasionally using your non-dominant hand to write or draw. While you’re at it, keep a constant flow of the creative juice. Although singing and painting are the usual things of your right brain you might want to spice things up by adding spontaneity into the fray. Do something without your reliable list, like cooking a meal without the steps to dictate every move.

Frequency is a vital element in brain training. Each part must gain familiarity with the activities you have chosen. A good 10 to 15 minutes of your time should be your initial goal. Do your left in the morning, then let your right have the afternoon.

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