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Extra Strength
Robert B.
Focus Factor

Just refilled my second, 3 bottle offer, Great product and great sponsor of the 43 in NASCAR

Will have it for the rest of my life

For years i’ve been taking supplements and Focus Factor delivered a complete package necessary to supplement daily what our body needs. I like the outcome and benefiting very well.

Brain & Vision
Yolie G.
Great buy

My husband and I are both taking these and it's made us feel better. My vision I feel is starting to improve a little bit. We are more alert. The effect is really good. You won't regret buying it. The selection we made on vitamin has been really good cause even my nails are stronger and not breaking like they used to. I can concentrate better and focus on what I'm doing.

F29 Berry

The greatest energy drink I have ever had!

Very pleased

Whoop- I love this product. Seriously.

Focus Factory F29 all 3 Flavors

What a find! I am experiencing how great each one tastes and the way my mind and body feels. I want to do the things I need to and the energy to get going! Is it best to have only one-a-day! I bought a container of four of each and am checking into how to place subscriptions for each. Thank you FOCUS FACTOR!
Anita M Way

Great product

Very impressed with the new F29 drink. Above and beyond other energy drinks on the market. I can definitely feel a difference in being more awake and focused throughout the day! I became a customer of yours when you became a sponsor of Erik Jones and The Kings PETTY GMS MOTORSPORTS 43. Thank you for everything you have done for the 43 #ThisIsOurTime


I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the F29 Berry Focus Factor Energy Drink. I’m a huge Erik Jones fan so I’m glad to support his sponsors! I’m definitely going to be a frequent buyer!


I bought Focus Factor last week. I had tried a different supplement and can actually say that after 30 days I felt nothing at all. So I decided to try Focus Factor. Within a few days I was finding a difference! I was so concerned about "word searching" and had to sometimes use a different word because I just couldn't find the word I really wanted! It was so upsetting when talking to our children and friends. All ready I feel more confident! Thank you Focus Factor!!

cindy j.
I really didn't believe it

I really didn't believe it would work but I was pleasantly surprised! I can really tell a difference since I have been taking Focus Factor! My focus and memory have definitely improved. I plan to continue taking this product indefinitely.

Brain & Vision
Aaron S.
It works great I would

It works great I would definitely recommend for anybody and everybody

Love it!

It really does work! A little expensive.

Its great but it didnt

Its great but it didnt work on my 5 year old . He over powers it But im glade i try it thank u

Extra Strength
Sharon W.
More focused and remember things

More focused and remember things easier.

Great product

Seen this product on a nascar and tried it and loved it. Definitely will buy more

Brain & Vision
The order was delivered quickly;

The order was delivered quickly;
the overall service and interaction with the personnel was excellent. I have been on a regimen of Focus Factor a few years. I have more clarity in my thinking which improves my memory. I highly recommend Focus Factor.

Brain & Vision
Kathleen C.
Highly Recommend!

I absolutely swear by Focus Factor. I was in the hospital then rehab when I couldn't take it and I saw such a difference. I was struggling to find words and feeling very foggy. As soon as I got home I started taking it again and within a few days my daughter noticed a difference in me! Since I use the one for brain and vision, my eyesight is better too! I recommend this product to everyone!

Brain & Vision
Suzanne M.
I wouldn't want to be

I wouldn't want to be without it. Resolves mental fog which helps me keep focused on getting things done.

Extra Strength
Reshada P.
It's effective! It really works.

I'd been struggling with the ability to focus for years. I've been taking this consistently for a few weeks, now I can study without my mind wandering. I'm now a week ahead in my online coursework and I can complete other tasks without being lost and distracted.

Deborah L.
It works!

It works!

Much Better!!!!!

I've used various energy shots in the past but Focus Factor's F29 Focus + Energy Shots Maximum Strength is the best for me. It's full of B vitamins and doesn't give me the crash at the end. I take it before my morning coffee and gets me going almost immediately. Great product and I have recommended it to others in my line of business.

George B.
Very good has sharpened my

Very good has sharpened my senses

Extra Strength
kristen p.
Focus Factor has been on the market a long time, try it!

I used Focus Factor years ago only taking one a day and I felt a difference. Later I stopped taking F. F. using vitamins but when retirement age hit I felt time for Focus Factor. I tried an overpriced alternative, not for me. I'm taking F.F.2 x a day at this time. 4x a day is hard to get in and it may be too much for me as I do take Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Memory loss is a huge worry today, give Focus Factor a try!

Kids Extra Strength
Brittany N.
Great product

Great product

Brain & Vision
Douglas S.

Always feel better after using this vitamin since I was a teenager.

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