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Love these so much better than the uncoated tablets. Easy to chew and swallow.


So far, this product has been great. I have been feeling the difference faster than the regular product. I love all products and have been buying for about 9 years now.

Great product!

I have been taking focus Factor® for eight years. It makes a great difference on my memory as well as focus to be effective in everything I do.

Max Strength
Dave C.
Brain Power

The product seems to work as advertised. I am for most part ok using it. still have problem with memory not working as I would like will keep using the product Thanks

Extra Strength
William G.

This product is very good

Paul D.
Focus Factor Products work

My family has been using the Focus Factor products for several years with ages ranging from 94 to 34 years and it seems to be very affective.

Ana V.

I have been taking these pills for about 9 years now. I recently purchased the max strength bottle. Second time trying it. It tastes a bit fishy but they have improved my memory and focus. I’ve always had trouble focusing and remembering things. I will never stop buying this product. Thank you Focus factor.

Great product

I have been using Focus factor for a long time. It is a great product and help me to improve my memory remarkably. I highly recommend this product to someone who is experiencing cognitive distraction.

Kay S.
A little goes a long way

Focus Factor is true to its name. I would also call it a Lifesaver!

Max Strength
Nathan M.
Great Product

Focus Factor really helps with my mental health!

Extra Strength
Ranita B.
Great for brain, great for marriage

I used to have a terrible time remembering things. It got so bad it was hurting my marriage. I couldn't seem to wake up my brain most of the time. My husband thought I just didn't care about him. I started taking this product and I was able to stay focused, have energy, be mentally awake, and remember things. I wasn't falling asleep at my desk halfway through the day. I can even take it on an empty stomach and it doesn't bother me at all.

James A.
Excellent product

Ever since I started taking focus factor it has made my memory improve a lot I can focus on what I need to do. It is an excellent product. I recommend it to anyone. It helps to relax at night. I can focus on things I need to focus on.

Warren E.
It Works!

Focus Factor really works for me! I have been taking it for over 3 years and have really experienced better memory and clarity of thought. I am having more in depth conversations and responding to questions and comments like i did years ago in college!

Robert w.P.
Never be Without again.

Bend taking for 10 years +. missed for 6months in this period. Noticed Big difference in Health & memory. will never be without again . I always order 3 to 6 months at time. cheaper than Doctor visit.

Great product

I’ve purchased the energy drink, focus pills and the nascar die cast car. Happy with all products.

Deitra M.
Not even close

I have been taking focus factor for several years. When I first started, I can tell you I noticed the improvement in my focus and memory within a couple of weeks and wow, so impressed.
My daughter had convinced me at one point to try another product that a friend told her about for focus and memory.
I did try it for 2 months and I kept waiting for that “wow, this is great!” But it never happened. I returned to focus factor and felt so much better. Alert, focused and memory clear.
I told my daughter to tell her friend that her product was not even close to the Focus Factor.
This really really works!


This product is excellent and a life saviour for me. Keeps me sharp and is very helpful in my day to day life and on the work front.

Will take awhile for the body to work with the compounds. However, I take at night, and my sleeps are much deeper, I am sleeping throughout the night now. NO prescriptions for sleep required.

Easy to take, great flavor, no aftertaste, tummy does not get upset.

Shipping took a while, but it here.

Max Strength
Patty L.
Awesome Product

Love this product

Calm focus


Gertrude S.
Focus Factor

I compared so many so called brain additives etc. I found Focus Factor to really provide the much needed help fof my forgetting things on a regular basis.
This is by far the best product around!!!


I have been taking these & I have been noticing an improvement in my language! What I mean is my words are coming to me easier than b4 & I'm remembering where I've put things much easier from the day b4! This is after taking the required 2 tablets twice a day & I'm starting my 3rd week! I was really starting to worry, but I'm very happy with the results thus far! Plus they do not have an astronomical price tag on them & you can buy a larger size at Costco!!

Works for me & husband

I have been using it since 2012 and have been happy with the results. Everyone is different but if I skip a day, it is noticeable.

Deborah L.
Keeps Me Focused

Years ago I took a sleeping pill that really messed with my memory. I was very concerned. I tried Focus Factor and that concern has gone away. Of course, I am older now and there is natural aging, but I believe Focus Factor even helps with that. I would encourage everyone who is experiencing memory issues to try Focus Factor. I believe you will be satisfied.