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Max Strength
Michele P.
Maximum strength Focus Factor

Maximum strength Focus Factor has improved my memory. However for best performance take it regularly. The best product for memory for me.

I m 90 yrs old and ordered the Gummies by mistake - meant to order Focus Factor for Brain help.

Focus + Energy Drink - Variety Pack

Vince K.

Easy and accurate.

Extra Strength
Justin T.
Fantastic customer service!

I have been using focus factor for years and it is my favorite vitamin!

Focus Factor Review

Top notch brain supplement!!

Brain & Vision
Virginia B.
Eyes and Brain, Too

Been using original and extra strength formulas for years. Now upgraded to include vision formula, after cataract surgery. Can "see" the difference! I'm 74, husband is 86. We can both tell positive changes from each formula and will continue to use Focus Factor in our daily diets.

Older guy

As a senior citizen Focus Factor has helped me stay focused on my tasks at hand. Thank you!

Nelda T.
Focus Factor Original

Have used it for years helps me remember, send it every 3 mos

About Focus Factor

They have really helped me and my children! I highly recommend it to my friends and family. They had ordered from y’all as well! It helps my kid’s focus and do better! This is amazing!

Feeling GREAT!

Focus factor has helped us feel so much better. The energy drink has given us the extra boost we need in the afternoon and they are healthy for us. We love that! We love our focus factor.


FOCUS FACTOR has definitely improved my ability to recall and memorize information! Highly recommended! Beneficial ingredients also!

Brenda W.
Great for TIA recovery and Macular

My mom, now 88, takes the brain and vision version for three years- since a major TIA. And they really help. She is doing great.
(Though they can be a bit pricey for a seniors budget, winning a bundle be very helpful!)

A very good product I use it all the time

I love the product works wonderful

Absolutely does what it says

I tried focus factor after trying many other products. I felt a difference in clarity soon after trying it. I have recommended it to others and they agree, it works. I

Focus Factor

I have been taking Focus Factor for over 25 years, and have definitely been more brain focused! Thank you! Keep up the great work in keeping it going! Rose

Been taking this for years

And it works great

Brain And Vision and Regular

I give each of these 5 stars but would like to see the Brain And Vision cost the same as regular or at least have the same quantity, Good products.

Ana M.
Better focus

I have been using focus factor for some time now. It has helped me improve my focus and memory. It's also a really good everyday supplement. I recommend it without any doubts.

Focus Factor

This works. I was a bit skeptical at first. I had never taken any supplements for memory. After two weeks my recall and retention level has improved dramatically. I am very impressed.

Great stuff

Our kids love it. Can't wait to afford it again so we can get back on it.

Elenita C.
Brain Help

I have used Focus Factor before and still using it. It helps me go through my day.

Pro Max
John M.
PRO MAX Nootropic

Could really tell a difference. Greater focus + less anixety.

The gummies are the best

I have been taking the gummies now for quite some time and find them easier to take verses the pills. Taking 4 pills a day is a little much and too large to swallow properly. At least 2 gums per day is reasonable. Thank you for these.

Love them!!being a nurse and working 12 hour shifts in alzheimer's wing,they are definitely needed.

Love them!!work 12 hour shifts in Alzheimer's wing and they are so very beneficial..thanks for something so helpful.

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