Tools To Find Your Focus

Tools To Find Your Focus

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All too often many of us feel like we are lacking in focus to make the most of each day. But what if there were tried and tested methods which everyday people are using and finding success with? We’ve done the research and here are the latest trends in focus techniques which you can add to your toolkit.

Get the Headspace App

Headspace is an app that describes itself as “meditation made easy”, and claims that 10 minutes a day will help you “sleep better, stress less and, you guessed it, focus more.” The program is said to get you up to speed with meditation techniques that’ll help you stay on task longer and switch between tasks less.

Run Your Way To A Clearer Mind

Besides being good for your heart and lungs, there has been increasing research to indicate that strenguous cardiovascular activity pumps more oxygen-and glucose-rich blood to the brain, and the more challenging the exercise the further mental rewards there are. The combination of fresh air and exercise is a fantastic way to break up your day and reset the brain.

On Your Screen A Lot? Adapt Your Display To Suit The Time of Day

If you’re on your computer or laptop a lot for work, you may find that staring at a bright screen tends to give you a headache and even keeps you awake at night. If that’s the case, download f.lux, a free software that adapts your screen colour to cool or warm lighting based on the time of day. Using this software means your body should follow your normal habits rather than be over stimulated when you’re already tired.

Unplug For 30 Minutes

Whilst this may seem like the most challenging of all the suggestions, take at least a solid 30 minutes to unplug from from all devices to allow your brain to switch off and refresh for better focus. Better yet, do this in the 30 minutes prior to sleeping to calm the mind and get a better nights sleep. Studies have shown that a majority of people are struggling to sleep and resort to using their phones as a distraction, making falling asleep even more difficult.

Feed Your Einstein

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