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How It Works

Like any other part of your body, if you want your brain to function at its highest capacity at work, school, sports, or hobbies, you have to make sure that it is getting absolutely all of the nutrients it needs. Eating foods with all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids can be difficult. But with FOCUSfactor, you’re supporting your brain’s function and overall health by nourishing your brain’s critical nutrients.

Brain Power
in a Bottle

FOCUSfactor doesn’t just claim to support your brain’s health – science has shown that it does! In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, FOCUSfactor was shown to improve memory, focus, and concentration in adults. FOCUSfactor gives you what you need to keep your brain sharp. In fact, in at least one part of a widely documented study, participants taking FOCUSfactor improved their verbal learning and short-term memory from 4.5 words to 6.5 words; an almost 44% increase!

The Right Ingredients
for Your Brain

FOCUSfactor combines a powerful proprietary blend of important brain health-supporting ingredients to improve your memory and focus. Eleven of these ingredients are included at levels that are at least 100% of their daily value.

FOCUSfactor Order Now
FOCUSfactor Order Now